eTwinning projects

YOUNG PEN PALS’ CLUB (3rd graders, Primary)

This project aims to develop writing skills throughout the whole academic year as our school thinks it is important for kids to express themselves with basic structures in writing. Also, getting to know eachother with other cultures motivates them a way more than with traditional teaching, making the writing process even more emotional and funnier for them. Our penpals and eTwinning co-partners are from Turkey and all of us are writing a different letter format every month (letters, cards, postcards). Our first letter has already been sent and pupils were extremely happy to get their answers. Now, we are preparing our Christmas‘ cards!  Let’s see what our Penpals will tell us!

eTwinning projects

FILMS ARE US! (Primary and Secondary)

In collaboration with our centre project Global Goals for Sustainable Development, we thought to work global goals through cinema in Spoken English. Julio Verne believes that cinema is a powerful tool to make students be crittical and speak up what they believe or think. Also, the cinema brings excellent opportunities to debate and work collaboratively with Turkey and Italy as eTwinning co-partners. So far, students have researched on different films related to Decent work and economic growth, Gender equality, Quality education, Reduced Inaqualities, No poverty, Zero hunger. Then they did power points presentations in class inviting their partners to debate about the film / global goal and making the class aware of possible solutions to each goal. At the moment,  they are finishing their posters with them as protagonists to promote the film in order to make a wall display at school. Finally, our Turkish and Italian co-partners are also planning a future Skype.

eTwinning projects

Erika Schwartz

English Teacher

Foreign Language Department

Julio Verne School