Last Friday 30th October we celebrated Halloween in our school.

This year we couldn’t have so many activities as previous years. Our priority is Health. However we wanted to celebrate it just a little bit, enough to bring some “normality” to their lives.

In the morning our Primary students came dressed up with their awesome costumes and later on, of course, we had our Halloween parade! (this time split into turns in order to avoid crowds).They paraded showing their spooky costumes, some of them so good that it was difficult to recognize them. We were all applauding and then they performed their Halloween songs with their English teachers. After that, at midday, we had a special menu, by our great cooks in the school.

We also had little zombies and skeletons in the Pre-School. Their costumes were incredible! They sang their songs in the entrance garden like little artists, with their scary teachers dressed up as the clown in the movie “It”. After that they enjoyed themselves a lot with Halloween games and activities.

We all had lots of fun and their happy faces were the best reward for us.