Saturday morning in the school and everbody smiling? The reason is that they finally could take their Cambridge exams.

Today we have had all Secondary and Sixth Form exams.They should have done these exams last year, in May, but as you know, the pandemic changed all plans.

This morning we have done three exams: Ket (A2) in Secondary Year 1, Pet (B1) in Secondary Year 3 and First (B2) in Sixth Form.

We have been training hard, they came from summer holidays and obviously revision was neccessary.

Of course they were nervous but they do these exams in their own school, with their partners, friends and with their English teachers calming them down, so they feel comfortable and when they finish, most of them are meeting for lunch together!

After all, it’s not just a matter of certificates, which in fact, they need, but also a good training and experience to learn from, as they are growing up and becoming adults.

Good luck to everybody!