Did you know that Safer Internet Day is celebrated on the second day of the second week of the second months of the year? It’s annual celebration aiming to promote responsible, respectful, critical and creative use of digital technologies, especially among children. Over 170 countries worldwide got involved and brought sparkles and raised awareness of the issues that matter to us. Let’s keep in mind that all of us, children, teacher, parents, play an important part and have the power to create a better internet.

Our school prepared wide range of activities according to our students’ age. Primary learned to be kind and respectful online and at the same time protect their information, while Secondary had webinars with interactive activities and open dialogue with experts from Día de Internet Segura 2021 | INCIBE.

Here below are some of the resources we used:

Digital Passport™ by Common Sense Education


(5) Relaciones saludables, también en Internet – IS4K – YouTube

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