We start the new school year at Julio Verne School and we do so, once again, by congratulating our students who have passed the entrance exams to the Conservatori de Música de Torrent 

This time Vega Solero, Aleix López and Marco Llosá have successfully passed the entrance exams to study harp and piano respectively. They have always shown a great sensitivity for art and music, and we are sure that this is the beginning of a great artistic career.  

From Julio Verne School we would like to congratulate them and convey our pride at seeing this great result of so much hard work.  

At Julio Verne School we have always supported, in a positive way, the impulse of our students for the culture and practice of music and with results like these, we will continue to work actively on this idea. 

We believe that the promotion of a good musical culture will turn our young people into great figures in the society of the future. 

Congratulations, we are so proud of you!